UniversityMedia is a research and publishing house specializing in the religions, philosophies, and arts of East and West. Founded in 2001 in Switzerland, UniversityMedia produces books, e-books, and audiovisual products in several languages.

Publication Series

UniversityMedia publishes the following series:

  1. East-West Discovery Series

  2. Schopenhauer's Compass (English version, 2014) by Urs App

  3. Buddhism Series

  4. NEW! Human Nature and Zen (2021) by Richard DeMartino

    NEW! Zen Encounters (2022) by Richard DeMartino

    The First Western Book about Buddhism and Buddha (2017) by M-J-F Ozeray & Urs App

    The Zen of Tantra by Monica Esposito

    Absorption. Human Nature and Buddhist Liberation by Johannes Bronkhorst

    The Cult of Emptiness by Urs App (paperback edition, 2014)

  5. Daoism Series

  6.   Creative Daoism by Monica Esposito

      Facets of Qing Daoism by Monica Esposito

     • La Porte du Dragon by Monica Esposito (1993 Ph.D. thesis on Longmen Daoism; PDF for free download)

  7. Art and Religion Series

     • Richard Wagner and Buddhism by Urs App

     • Les Misérables, for musical and movie lovers who have not read Victor Hugo's novel by Steve Antinoff


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