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La Porte du Dragon

La Porte du Dragon. L’ école Longmen du Mont Jingai et ses pratiques alchimiques d’après le Daozang xubian (Suite au Canon Taoïste)

by Monica Esposito

Wil (Switzerland) / Paris: UniversityMedia, 2012. UniversityMedia PDF edition (original typescript with handwritten emendations and comments by the author and preface by the editor)

Vol. 1: ISBN 978-3-906000-15-2, PDF, 86 MB
Volume 1 preface.

Vol. 2: ISBN 978-3-906000-16-9, PDF, 54 MB
Volume 2 preface.

The Dragon Gate—The Longmen Tradition at Mount Jingai and its Alchemical Practices according to the “Daozang xubian” (Sequel to the Daoist Canon]. Ph.D. thesis, University of Paris VII, 1993 (Two volumes).


Monica Esposito

One of the world's foremost scholars of Daoism, Dr. Esposito (Aug. 7, 1962, Genova - March 10, 2011, Kyoto) published many groundbreaking studies on pre-modern Daoism in English, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, and French (see bibliography).

Dr. Esposito's two-volume Ph.D. thesis of 1993, written under the direction of Prof. Isabelle Robinet, received the highest evaluation of summa cum laude and remains much cited as a pioneering study of pre-modern Daoism.