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Michel-Jean-François Ozeray
was born 1764 in Chartres in the Loire valley, and died 1859 in Bouillon, Luxembourg.

The son of a wealthy family, Ozeray was primarily interested in history and became a member of the Société de l’histoire de France, corresponding member of the Académie de Reims, and permanent member of the Archaeological Societies of the Province of Luxembourg (Belgium) and of the department of Eure-et-Loir (France). His book on Buddha and Buddhism of 1817—the first book-length study on this topic in a Western language—was Ozeray’s first publication at age 53. After emigration to Belgium, subsequent publications mostly concern the local history of his hometown of Chartres and of the city of Bouillon in Belgium, his home in the second part of his life. Ten years after his book on Buddha, Ozeray published a history of the castle and town of Bouillon (1827; age 63), followed in 1834-36 (age 70-72) by a two-volume history of Chartres. In the 1840s Ozeray wrote, apart from various pamphlets in defense of his history of Chartres, a History of Religious Doctrines (1843, age 79) and a book on Orthodox Christianity (1846, age 82). He continued to churn out historical treatises even when he was over 90 years of age.